Idealism is an outlet for Lassi Kotamaki's placid, instrumental hip-hop tracks. The independent Finnish producer's material plays out at a leisurely pace, typically colored with uncomplicated piano melodies and steady, softened beats accented by ambient environmental elements. He started playing drums as a youngster and added piano to his repertoire shortly before he made his recorded debut. Active with streaming and commercial download releases since the mid-2010s, Kotamaki has issued several stray tracks, including the Jinsang collaboration "Winter Bokeh" (2016), along with the EPs Rainy Evening (2016), Hiraeth, Amaranthine, and Nobody Else (the latter three of which were scattered across 2017). ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi 

By mixing heart touching piano, organic percussions and realistic ambient sounds and textures, idealism manages to reach deep into the hearts of the listeners, and take them on a self-reflecting musical journey.

Emerging from the lofi/chill hiphop community, idealism has found a way to take the genre even further, by focusing on making the listener feel multiple emotions in one track, by combining techniques from ambient, jazz, downtempo and hiphop.

In just 2 years, idealism has caught the attention of multiple large labels like Majestic Casual and Chillhop, and has gathered a large fanbase, that always eagerly waits for a new release.

As stated by Dope Approach, from an article on 'amaranthine' EP: 

" One of the things we most like about Idealism’s latest offering, in fact, we could say this for most, if not all of his work – Is the emotional impact it has on the listener, allowing you to transcend to a place beyond time and space – as far into the dreamscape as possible. It is the ideal escapist sound, reserved only to those in the ‘know’ "

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